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Vehice Batteries

Flat Battery? Let us jolt your vehicle back to life.

Battery running on empty? Auto Edge Ltd. can replace your Battery in moments. Allowing you to turnover your vehicle with ease and listen to the radio to your hearts content.

Your vehicle’s Battery; keeps your vehicle turning over every time.

Auto Edge offers an unbeatable Battery replacement service that you can depend upon.

Think your vehicles Battery may be dead?

Your vehicle’s battery is the heart of your vehicles electrical systems. It’s job is simple; store enough energy to start the vehicle every time. Unfortunately, over time this depletes. Especially when the vehicle isn’t used regularly.

Not to fear, Auto Edge Ltd. can change your vehicle’s Battery in moments.

How does my vehicle’s Battery work?

When you turn the ignition key to start your vehicle, the battery supplies the energy to power the starter motor, which interns starts your engine. It also provides energy to your vehicle’s spark plugs.
Your Battery is then recharged by the alternator as you drive, so your Battery remains full.

Signs you may need a new Battery.

Classic signs of a depleting Battery include:

  • Unable to turnover your engine.
  • Constantly needing to kick start your engine.
  • Lights appear dimmer than usual.
  • Installed a new entertainment system.
  • Need more electrical power.
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