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Regular Brake Replacement and Maintenance is crucial.

At Auto Edge, we understand how important regular brake maintenance and inspection is, and so do you. Let Auto Edge inspect your brakes today to ensure continued efficiency.

Safeguarding Kent's motorists with Brake Replacements and Maintenance.

Auto Edge offer unbeatable brake inspection, maintenance and replacement services you can depend upon.

Worried about Brakes and Brake Fluid?

At Auto Edge Ltd. your safety is paramount to us. If you believe your Brakes or Brake Fluid is faulty, please contact us immediately. Auto Edge Ltd. will be able to assess their condition and advise where appropriate. It is illegal, immoral and unsafe to drive with faulty breaks.

Brakes are crucial to your safety, your passengers and other road users.

When do my Brakes need replacing?

It all depends upon your driving style and what you primarily use your vehicle for.
For example; a set of new brake pads could last up to 60,000 miles or more, when your vehicle is primarily driven on a motorway. However the brakes on the same vehicle primarily driving in built up areas or a city, may only last 25,000 miles; due to increased use of the brakes due to traffic.
Usually front brakes wear out faster than rear brakes. Especially on a vehicle with front wheel drive.

How do Brakes and Brake Fluid work?

Manufacturers have consistently put more Braking power into their vehicles. Making our roads safer and giving our vehicles greater manoeuvrability. So maintaining an effective Braking system is a top priority for any motorist.

Today’s Braking systems rely upon numerous components. All working together to help you stop quicker and manoeuvre your vehicle with ease and accuracy.

Curcial Brake components, include:

  • Master Cylinder.
  • Servo.
  • Brake Callipers.
  • Brake Fluid.
  • Brake Cylinders.
  • Brake Disks.
  • Brake Drums.
  • Brake Pads.
  • Brake Shoes.
Regular Brake checks and maintenance helps ensure all these components are continually working in their optimal condition. Brake checks can help identify problems before they occur. Maintain your vehicle’s intended Braking performance and choose to have your Brakes inspected by Auto Edge Ltd. today.


Bellow are a few of the most Frequently Asked Questions concerning our Brake checking, maintenance and replacement services.
  • How to tell if my Brakes need maintenance?
    All of Kent, be it; Gillingham, Rochester, Upchurch, Rainham, Chatham or even further afield; have winding country roads with sharpe turns. We also have access to some of the busiest roads, such as; the A2, M20 and M25. Being able to stop, reduce your vehicle’s speed or perform an emergency stop is paramount to your safety.

    Signs you will need to aware of, include:
    • Screeching sounds when braking.
    • Screeching sounds when pulling left or right.
    • Sponge feeling when pressing the Brake Pedal.
    • Brake warning light on dashboard.
    Notice any of these signs, bring your vehicle to Auto Edge Ltd. so we can perform a thorough inspection.
  • Do you use quality parts?
    We only use top quality brake parts. All brake parts Auto Edge Ltd. use are new and will match your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

    As usual all parts are fitted and tested by our experienced and trained brake technicians at Auto Edge Ltd.
  • How much do new Brake Pads, Brake Discs, etc cost?
    The cost of any Brake related parts varies from vehicle to vehicle. It depends upon the manufacturer and model of your vehicle, as different models require different parts and can be more labour intensive than others.
  • How long does a brake inspection take?
    Our trained mechanics can inspect your vehicle’s brakes within an hour or so. We will compressively test your vehicle’s braking system and advise you accordingly.

    If new brake parts are required, Auto Edge Ltd. can usually acquire and fit them within the same working day.
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