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MOT Test Services

Book your MOT with us at Auto Edge Ltd. today.

Time for the vehicle’s MOT? Auto Edge Ltd. are here to assist. Our trustworthy and reliable mechanics can perform a MOT on your vehicle in moments.

Pass your MOT Test with flying colours.

Auto Edge Ltd. endeavours to ensure your vehicle passes its MOT first time, every time and with flying colours.

When does my vehicle require an MOT Test?

Most newly registered vehicles are exempt from needing an MOT Test for the first three years of their lifespan. However this depends on the class your vehicle resides within. Once your vehicle reaches it’s third year anniversary; yearly MOT Tests are required by UK Law.

You must obtain a MOT Certificate for your vehicle by either:
  • the third anniversary of it’s registration, or;
  • the anniversary of your vehicle’s last MOT, if it’s over three years old.

Check your vehicle’s MOT Status.

Check your vehicle’s MOT Status by choosing from one of the three options found below:

MOT Enquiry Form

Reminding and advising you when your MOT Certificate is ready for renewal.
We only need a few details from you. Please complete the form below and click submit.
Once submitted Auto Edge Ltd. will be in touch and inform you of your vehicle’s MOT Status and how we may help.
Please Note: Do not threat, all of the information you provide is encrypted, kept safely and will never be shared with anyone else without your explicit consent.

Want to pass your MOT Test the first time?

Auto Edge Ltd. can help. Auto Edge Ltd. have a number of Vehicle Servicing Packages which when coupled with booking your vehicle’s MOT Test; is one way to help obtain the best result.

Our trained mechanics are poised ready to solve all MOT Test problems. To find out more about our Vehicle Servicing Packages, please click the button below.
Driving a vehicle without a valid MOT Certificate is a criminal offence. You can be fined up to £1,000.00 and face criminal prosecution. It also voids your vehicle’s insurance policy.


Below are a few of the most Frequently Asked Questions concerning our MOT Services.
  • What documents do I need to show?
    In most situations no documentation is required. However if:
    • this is your vehicle’s first MOT Test, or;
    • your vehicle’s registration number plate has recently changed
    then Auto Edge Ltd. will require your vehicle’s V5C (Vehicle Registration Certificate (Log Book)). This is standard procedure and any documents given to Auto Edge Ltd. will be returned once the MOT Test is completed.
  • Earliest date to book an MOT Test:
    Your vehicle’s MOT Test/ Certificate lasts for a year. Your vehicle can take it’s MOT Test up to a month prior to it expiring. If a MOT Test is conducted during this time frame you will keep the same renewal date for the next upcoming year.

    You can also choose to have your vehicle MOT Tested prior to this, however the renewal date will be different for the following year. As you took the MOT Test too early.
  • MOT Certificate has expired:
    You can not drive your vehicle on the road if your MOT Certificate/ Test has expired. If caught you may be prosecuted.

    The only exceptions from thus are:
    • if you’re driving your vehicle to be repaired, or;
    • to a pre-arranged MOT Test.
  • Vehicle Passed it’s MOT Test:
    If your vehicle has passed it’s MOT Test; congratulations. You’re free to drive your vehicle for another year. You also ought receive the following:
    • A pass MOT Test Certificate.
    • MOT Test Status will be updated UK Governments database.
    Shown on the MOT Certificate is your vehicle’s current mileage. Ensure this is correct. You have 7 working days to report any mistakes found upon your MOT Certificate.
  • Vehicle Failed it’s MOT Test:
    If your vehicle has failed it’s MOT Test; you will receive the following:
    • A refusal of an MOT Test Certificate.
    • MOT Test Status will be updated UK Governments database.
    If your vehicle’s MOT Certificate is still valid you can still drive your vehicle away. If your MOT Certificate has expired, you can drive your vehicle to:
    • a mechanic to have the defects repaired/ fixed, or;
    • to a pre-arranged MOT Test.
    Driving a vehicle thats in a dangerous condition is criminal offence. You can be fined up to £2,500.00, be banned from driving and get 3 penalty points on your driving license.
  • Appeal MOT Test decision:
    If your vehicle has failed it’s MOT Test and you wish to appeal the decision you’re free to do so. We are sorry for this inconvenience. Please ask Auto Edge Ltd. for a VT17 form. If your appeal is successful the MOT Test fee or part of it will be refunded.
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