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Wheel Balancing

Preventing uneven tyre wear or tyre "shake."

Noticed uneven tyre wear? Or shaking tyres when you reach high speeds? Then it's most likely incorrect Wheel Balancing is the culprit.

A proficient Wheel Balancing Service in the heart of Kent.

Auto Edge Ltd.’s Wheel Balancing service helps toward ensuring your vehicle’s wheel and tyre longevity. Giving you a more efficient driving experience and ultimately saving you money.

What is Wheel Balancing?

Wheel Balancing aims to ensure that the combined weight of your vehicles wheels is spread evenly across their axle. Once balanced, your wheels will turn evenly on their axle’s. All in all, aiming to achieve the best driving experience possible.

This is also increased when coupled with new tyres and wheel alignment.

Are my Wheels Un-Balanced?

As tyres wear distribution of their weight becomes uneven. It’s a natural part of their lifecycle. Wheel Balancing is therefore a crucial part of general maintenance.
Classic signs of un-balanced wheels include:
  • Uneven wear on your tyres.
  • Decreased fuel economy.
  • Steering vibrates when driving at speed.

How do we Balance your Wheels?

Your wheels can be balanced using, a state of the art, wheel balancing machine. The wheel balancing machine, rotates your wheels to simulate a driving experience. The machine then examines the exact points where balance counter weights need to be applied.
Balance counter weights come in varying degrees of sizes.
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