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Engine Diagnostics

Engine Diagnostic will diagnose whats wrong.

Have you vehicle tell you, what may be wrong. Bring your vehicle to Auto Edge for a full Engine Diagnostic and let us get to the bottom of it.

Rainham’s Engine Diagnostic expert.

Don't let warning lights disrupt your driving. Have Auto Edge Ltd. attend to them.

Troublesome Warning Light appeared?

Vehicle warning light's are worrying and daunting but only if you ignore them. Let Auto Edge Ltd. perform a quick Engine Diagnostic to find the root of the problem, before severe damage occurs.

Using our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment we'll diagnose the problem in a 'heart beat’. Call us today and make your Engine Diagnostic appointment.

What is an Engine Diagnostic?

An Engine Diagnostic is the reading of Error Codes, found by your vehicles ECU. We retrieve the ECU Error Codes by plugging our Engine Diagnostic equipment into your ECU.

We'll read and repair the fault. We'll then reset your vehicle’s ECU. The ECU will scan its sensors and cease showing the warning light, as the fault has been fixed.


Below are a few of the most Frequently Asked Questions concerning our Engine Diagnostic Service.
  • Do I need an Engine Diagnostic?
    Whenever a warning light appears a Engine Diagnostic is required. Even if you correct the fault yourself, your vehicle may not necessarily remove the warning light as it may still believe the fault has not been corrected.
    This is because your vehicle’s ECU needs to be reset in order for it to re-evaluate the fault.
  • What is an ECU?
    An ECU (i.e. Engine Control Unit) is a type of computer that controls a multitude of systems throughout your vehicle. It’s designed to ensure your vehicles optimal engine performance. The ECU does this by assessing a number of sensors across your vehicle.
  • What are ECU Error Codes?
    When your vehicle’s ECU (i.e. Engine Control Unit) detects a fault, it generates a ECU Error Code for that fault. ECU Error Codes can only be read and reset by specialist Engine Diagnostic Equipment, which we have at Auto Edge Ltd. Once our Engine Diagnostic equipment has read the ECU Error Code we can then address the fault.
  • How many ECU Error Codes are there?
    There are thousands of ECU Error Codes. Certain vehicle manufacturers may use different Error Codes for different errors.
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