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Steering Repair

Going in cricles with Steering problems?

Having diminished control of your vehicle is extremely dangerous and ought to be seen by Auto Edge Ltd.'s mechanics immediately.

Rochester's local Mechanic for Steering Wheel Repairs.

No driver should be happy with having less control of their vehicle. Speak to Auto Edge Ltd. We'll make your Steering perfection.

Suffering with poor Steering?

Auto Edge Ltd. want all motorists to have full control over their vehicles and have created a Steering Repair service just for that. No longer should you suffer with poor Steering. Don't allow it to drive you mad.

Contact us today by phone or by visiting our Auto Centre, explain the Steering issue and we'll be right on the case.

How does my Steering work?

There are many different types of Steering Wheel systems. However they all do the same thing, which is control the rotation of your wheels so they point in the direction you wish to travel.

Powered Steering allows your vehicles wheels to turn fasting and more accurately. This is caused by hydraulic fluid and a hydraulic pump.
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Below are a few of the most Frequently Asked Questions concerning our Steering Repair service.
  • Do I need to repair my Steering?
    Yes! Ultimately you are responsible for the safety of your vehicle. Not having complete control over which direction your vehicle is taking or how responsive it is to changes of direction; is a worrying possibility. You ought to get it repaired, not only for yourself, but for the safety of other road users as well.
  • How much does it cost to have my Steering Repaired?
    The cost of repairing your Steering Wheel system varies from vehicle to vehicle. It depends upon the make and model of your vehicle, as different models require different parts and can be more labour intensive than others. It also depends upon problem; as there are many reasons why you're experiencing Steering difficulties.
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