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Suspension Repair

Your Suspension or Shock Absorbers acting up?

There's no need to drive in discomfort. All vehicle's Suspension and Shock Absorbers need to be in prime condition to master the winding and bumpy roads of Kent.

Upchurch’s local genius in Suspension Repair.

Allow Auto Edge Ltd. to inspect, maintain, repair or replace your Suspension or Shock Absorbers today.

Suffering with poor Suspension?

Do not allow poor Suspension make your driving experience a bumpy one. Allow our master mechanics to inspect, maintain, repair or replace your Suspension and Shock Absorbers today.

Give your vehicle the spring it needs to survive the country roads of Gillingham, Rochester and Upchurch.

What are Shock Absorbers and Suspension?

Shock Absorbers and Suspension work together to absorb changing road surfaces. All so you can have a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

They also improve safety. A worn Suspension minimises your braking distance by 2 meters when driving at 30mph. Therefore maintaining a healthy vehicle suspension system is crucial for creating a enjoyable and safe driving experience possible.


Below are a few of the most Frequently Asked Questions concerning our Suspension Repair and Replacement Service.
  • Do I need to repair or replace my Suspension?
    There are multiple reasons why you ought to book a Suspension repair appointment. You may have noticed your vehicle isn't as stable on the road, as it used to be.
    Either way, Suspension maintenance is important; as it improves safety and prolongs the overall lifespan of your vehicle.
  • How much does a Suspension Repair cost?
    The cost of replacing or repairing a Suspension system varies from vehicle to vehicle. It depends upon the make and model of your vehicle, as different models require different parts and can be more labour intensive than others. It also depends upon fault.
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